I provide counselling in Moscow for individuals in English. I have  background both in psychology and  languages. Having completed the gestalt-therapy course at Moscow Institute of Gestalt and gone through Group Therapy specialized training and personal therapy I posess a clear view of my own character and abilities.As a graduate of Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University I speak English fluently (Also scored 8.5 /9 in IELTS exam)

Helping and counseling is not my first occupation, I have chosen this profession voluntarily and responsibly about 8 years ago, as I wish to share my experience of professional psychotherapy (especially, gestalt-therapy) and provide help for those interested.  I started counseling in 2012 and developed a personal style:  keeping confidentiality, time&date setting, caring about  client's feelings and history and supporting new ideas and experiences is important for me.

If you need counselling in Moscow, please contact me via my Tel.number: +7.917.5О5.46.57 or Email: evgenia.bulyubash(at)gmail.com if you need to set an appointment. You can also ask a question online anonymously and get first consult/response for free via email if you need to. The response will also be published on the website.

My offices are located near Tretyakovskaya and Kurskaya metro stations in Moscow. I provide face-to-face counselling in Moscow and skype therapy for anyone around the world.

Therapy fee is RUR equivalent of $40 per hour. For an appointment please call me at tel: +7.917.5O5.4657

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Here you can get a quick and free short consult regarding any concern that is bothering you. Please fill in the form below and send it to me. The form is anonymous and you can use any name you want. I will respond within 3 days, and you will get the answer in your email. It will also be published on the website.

If you want to discuss how I can help you and set up an appointment, don't hesitate to dial my number  - +7175054657 or fill in this form leaving your phone number in case you didn't get through.

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