My name is Evgenia Bulyubash, I am a Russia-based therapist with multicultural background, MA in Counselling Psychology (Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis) and extensive practical training in gestalt-approach. I provide counselling for people willing to improve their life using dialogue therapy (gestalt) and somatic approach.

 It’s usually a 55-minute conversation once a week where we tackle problems that do not pass by themselves and seem to be hard to overcome. During the first sessions I ask questions about your goals and emotional state you want to come into. I also gather some information about your background, childhood, history and ways of thinking and living - whatever you feel it is important to share at this moment.

What usually stops people from having the life they want?

Sometimes it’s some traumatic events that make someone feel tense scared and rigid in non-threatening situations and therefore unhappy and tired afterwards. If the situation is defined as traumatic we do not dive into scary feelings right away but gradually build the emotional and body resources/support to provide the necessary basis for looking at the trauma. For this work specifically I use the gestalt approach and somatic techniques by Peter Levine.

Other time self-criticizing stops people from enjoying things in their life and leads to constant emotional discomfort. This happens when a person has automatically inherited some of the worse ways of their family, when they need support overcoming the fear of living their own life. Counselling helps uncover these harmful ways, reflect on them, and train to be self-conscious and supportive of oneself in different life situations. Sometimes we refer to it metaphorically as “growing a loving parent” in one’s mind. Here I usually suggest prolonged therapy as learning self-awareness, self-support, and self-appreciation needs training almost like physical training in a gym. It takes time to start believing other people actually like and value you and to interiorize this feeling.

Sometimes relationship issues make people feel constrained, dependent, unable to talk. Talking about one’s family system helps to build a metaposition allowing to define family roles and thus understand which power one has given to his relatives. Therapy helps to make small confidential experiments and get new emotional experience of taking this power back and being more autonomous and then - to assimilate it, make your own. Therefore, be able to use it later. Sometimes I recommend family therapy – as it allows to resolve communication issues, whereas personal therapy helps one to become more congruent, self-aware and autonomous.

Therapy is no magic. I can share every technique I am using and explain how it is supposed to help and it will still work. Or not – which is equally as important because it helps define the counselling strategy. Mostly, on my side, therapy is about being sensitive to small details like ways of talking, being and interacting - things that someone does not necessarily notice as they are used to it. And the constant process of learning about oneself helps make new choices and feel more value to life.

Therapy is still a bit mysterious as it’s a constant discovery of small things that matter. It might be anything – finding out that you are imperfect and loved, realizing you are not alone while in pain, embarrassment or fear, sharing joy…

I love my job and hope I can hep you. Please call to discuss more.

P.S. I do not work with people with alcohol or drug-addiction. Also if you have a psychiatrical diagnosis please let me know about it so I can understand if I am able to help. I do work with depression, eating disorders and some other diagnoses in coordination with an English-speaking psychiatrist.

If you need counselling in Moscow, please contact me via my Tel.number: +7.917.5О5.46.57 or Email: evgenia.bulyubash(at) if you need to set an appointment. 

My office is located near  Kurskaya metro station in Moscow. I provide face-to-face counselling in Moscow and skype therapy for anyone around the world.

Therapy fee is 3500 RUR per hour. For an appointment please call me at tel: +7.917.5O5.4657


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